Duall is the original simultaneous dual photo taking tool, a simple app to capture both sides of reality. Duall is the first digital camera designed with dualphotos in mind. Dualphotography represents the art of simultaneously taking two photographs (a dualphoto) of one scene, one front facing, the other in the same axis but backfacing at 180 degrees. It is now since v2.0 the first collaborative dualphoto creation tool.

Get a photo from both sides of your smartphone, the subject and you capturing it at the same time!

User manual

To take a dual photo you will have to tap on the 'LL' button. One tap will take a dualphoto. Two taps will take a single photo (you can reverse this in the app preferences - then the button will show 'L' by default). You can also custom set 'triple tap' and 'long press' to take reverse photos, or separate single photos from both sides. Photos will be saved in your photos folder, under the 'dualphoto' and 'singlephoto' albums. Everytime you take a picture, it will slide and appear at the top of the screen.

The '3' button switches between front and back camera for the viewfinder.

The 'dual.photo' button send you to a help/welcome page, which lets you also go to the website and app preferences.

Swiping the bottom gray part of the viewfinder left or right will let you loop between filters. Tapping x number of times brings you to each filter (1=nerve, 2=dolce, 3=sqare, 4=booty, 5=geoh, 6=bewi). Swiping down removes filter. Some filters may have subversions, tapping the version indication will switch through choices.

There are top 'arrow' buttons, one sole red (in local camera mode), one red and one blue (in social camera mode). They will let you do a few things. Short tapping once will display a list of the latest dualphotos taken, either local or social. Long touching will bring you to app settings (where you can customize captions, but also change photo size and file format, change border preference, social settings, clear cache, online photos, ...). Swiping down will disable autohide of the last photo taken. Swiping up a currently displayed photo will re-enable autohide.

When a photo is displayed on top of the screen, tapping it once will let you share it to other apps. Double tapping it will display it full screen.
When the latest local or social photos list is displayed, you can select one by tapping it. Double tapping will display it fullscreen.
Swiping the fullscreen photos to their left or right will browse to the previous or next photo in that list.

Social dualphotos are made in collaboration with other Duall Dualphoto users and are only paired once according to your physical direction, proximity, and social network hashtag. By default your social network hashtag is global, but you can set a specific one (made of 22 letters max, with basic punctuation). They are not saved on your device, but by selecting one you can then share it manually to your photo album (through the share interface). If you don't like one in the list, you can swipe it left. An alert will ask you to confirm removal of the social dualphoto from your list.


'Self & Other' technique will let you beat the boredom of traditional selfies. By holding your app far in front and aiming at your subject, you will get both sides of the situation. Either you and friends, but also you and a place.

'From the Top' technique will let you catch a 360° like picture. By holding your app as far up and aim back and forth, you will catch your whole environment without appearing on the final picture, as if photographer-less.

'Lateral Take' technique will let you catch your environment, not unlike the 'From the Top' technique, but retaining an inside the crowd feel. By holding your app on the side, aiming at a subject and towards where he faces, you will retain the intimacy between the two, without you.

'Between Two' technique lets you aim at two subjects, letting you capture the priximity and intimacy between the two.


When the bottom part is gray, the picture is unmodified.
'Nerve' is red and will increase the contrast and aggressiveness of colors, but might make dark parts of your image even darker.
'Dolce' is blue will give some soft gain to dark parts of our pics while preserving highlights and overall color balance.
'Sqare' is green and will increase the geometrical aspect of your picture as well as contrast and color vivacity using 'luminosity squares'. It's the most creative filter of this batch but has an interesting feel to it I'm sure you'll like to use once in a while.
'Booty' is purple and is the unique bootymachine.net creative filter. Based on that first 'proof-of-concept' experience that lead all the other 'filtering' smartphone based apps, this 10+ year old experiment brings a lo-fi digital feel to your pics (as with the old camera-phone used at the time), with plenty of saturation, digital grain, and vignetting. Want to be original, this is the one.
'Geoh' is yellow and will draw contrast lines that will smoothly reinforce the scene's geometry.
'Bewi' is gray and is a black and white analog film simulator. It will filter out some color spectrum before transformation and will have soft and subtle grays.

Also check the privacy policy before using the app.

I hope you will enjoy this humble little app. Which is evindently open to updates (and they are coming, I'm using the app for my own creative experiments in photography (cf 'sqare')).
© 2016-17 Duall™